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Lingnan University(HK)


This is the second internship program organized for Lingnan University in Hong Kong. The program aims to develop entrepreneurship mindset within the students by setting a theme "If I were to start a business in Fukuoka".

Date 7th Sep 2021 - 30th Nov 2021
UniversityLingnan University(HK)
The number of students18 students (9 from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, 9 from Kyushu (Kyushu University, Kyushu Sangyo University, APU))

The contents of program

Pre-internship training : 4 weeks

The training was designed to help students understand Japanese culture and entrepreneurship mindset. Lecture themes varied from "Hong Kong and Kyushu," "Fukuoka's charm, how to live in Kyushu," "intercultural communication," to "entrepreneurship," “Business in Hong Kong and Kyushu," and “Business Etiquette." In addition, we conducted 2 company visits (Ichiran, MCP Holdings) in Hong Kong.

Virtual Internship : 6 weeks

Students were assigned to start-up companies in Fukuoka to do virtual internship for 6 weeks.
To help Hong Kong students with the language and cultural understanding, students from Kyushu were paired to experience the internship together, which allowed all participants to have multinational collaborative experience.

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