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Community College of City University(HK)


This is the fourth time this year to held the training and study program of Community College of City University (HK).

Date 8th Jul 2019 - 1st Aug 2019
UniversityCommunity College of City University(HK)
The number of students8 students(4 men, 4 women)

The contents of program

We visited companies for example Mentaiko FUKUYA factory, Hakataza theater and Nishifuku seicha (experiencing tea ceremony) in addition to the Japanese classes. Also, we visited Fukuoka prefectural government, Fukuoka prefectural police and Fukuoka water processing center and listened to the lectures. In traditional culture, we had a lot of precious experiences to stroll the shrine wearing Kimono and experience Hakataori. This year also, we did homestay for 2 nights 3 days in Tachiarai-town. It was really short time but we spent fruitful days through feeling host families’ kindeness, and having a relationship with local people in green soybeans' harvest festival of Tachiarai-town.

The pictures of the program

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