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Diversification of human resources makes companies international and contributes nation building.

About Internship Program

It is issue for many companies to secure human resources due to supporting industrial advances and companies’ globalization. Meanwhile, an increasing number of companies hire international people who have technical skill or knowledge. However, there is no system for accepting to hire international people in companies. Even if they want to hire international people, they don’t have enough time and staffs to construct the system. Thus, would you like to try accepting international students as internship for understanding their characteristic?

Recommend for such a company!

To want to connect with excellent international people.

Many of international students who want internship in Japan are highly motivated and excellent. By accepting internship, you will be able to approach them directly and prevent mismatches.

To want to improve the global perspective within the company.

By accepting international people, an international atmosphere will be created within the company.
Also, to feel perspective, idea and value of differing from Japanese wides the global perspective.

To want to skill up for staff.

It will be a golden opportunity to improve language and management ability by guiding international students about difference culture and languages.

Concluding University Introduction

Recommend for such a university!

Pukyong National University(Korea)

Founded through the integration of the Busan National University of Technology and National Fisheries University of Busan. The number of undergraduate students is about 25,000, and graduate students is 2,800.
In 2017, LINC+ under the University-Industry Cooperation Foundation has concluded the treaty of MOU with AIE-Kyushu and started the internship program.
Until now, we have accepted about 120 students through this program.

Lingnan University(HongKong)

Lingnan University (LU) is a liberal arts university in Hong Kong and its history can be dated back to 1888, when the forerunner, the Christian College in China, was founded in Guangzhou, and to 1967, when the institution, as Lingnan College, was re-established in Hong Kong. In 2015, LU was named as one of the “Top 10 Liberal Arts College in Asia” by Forbes. LU offers undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate programmes in the areas of Arts, Business and Social Sciences, and the broad curriculum covers an array of general education and interdisciplinary courses to provide students with a firm knowledge foundation across different subjects.

UOW College Hong Kong (HongKong)

UOW College Hong Kong (“UOWCHK”), formerly Community College of City University (“CCCU”), has over 35 years of experience in providing quality tertiary education in Hong Kong. The College is registered under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap 320) and is now an approved post secondary college in Hong Kong. Since July 2015, the College has been in a formal alliance with the University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia.

AIE … Kyusyu Associations of Independent Entrepreneurs
MOU … Memorandum of Understanding

Flow until accepting internship students

  1. Staffs visit to a company for explaining about an internship program
  2. To confirm and arrange internship contents of accepting students
  3. To matching (to compare and check student’s field and request and a company)
  4. To decision to internship students
  5. To conclude a written agreement and a written pledge et al
  6. To make an internship curriculum
  7. To meet students in advance
  8. To start an internship program